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How to use this tool: First, grab some pen and paper. Click the levels or individual symbols on the right to include them in the practice. Level 1 is enabled by default. I suggest enabling all levels up to the highest you're familiar with. Examine the symbols for the new level as well as their English spelling. Try writing the symbols 50-100 times while saying the sounds aloud. Once you've done this, hit the "Next" button or press the spacebar to get the next character to practice. You'll be presented with either one of the symbols or English representations (romaji) from either the current level, or a previous levels. Write down what you're given and then try to write its counterpart in Katakana/Romaji. If you can't remember a symbol or if you're just not sure if you're correct, hover your cursor over the black area to display the answer. Continue this daily until you feel confident that you can recall and write each of the new symbols quickly on demand.