About Strange Qwarq
Strange Qwarq is a 1-person game development studio making unusual and original video games, as well as providing technical support to other indie devs.
About Project RyME
Project RyME is Strange Qwarq's first public game. Explore the interface of a strange, old computer to solve puzzles, chat with quirky allies and figure out a mysterious disappearance.
BELOW HEAVEN is an upcoming RPG by Lunar Capital Studios. Strange Qwarq is providng technical support by implementing custom functionality to the RPG Maker MZ game engine.
Quest 64 Crowd Control
The custom-made Crowd Control module for the game Quest 64 analyzes and manipulates values in memory to allow livestream viewers to trigger effects like growing/shrinking the main character, changing character stats and flipping the camera upside-down.

Strange Qwarq has strong ambitions for future games. If you would like to support these future games, consider purchasing Project RyME on Steam or itch.io.

For business or media inquiries, please send an e-mail to: strange.qwarq@gmail.com